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Helen Pensanti, MD

Dr. Helen Pensanti. M.D., is known to millions for her former role as Co-Host of Doctor to Doctor, televised worldwide weekly on the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) for more than a decade and now as a member of the Healthy, Wealthy and Wise Health Staff appearing regularly on most Fridays.  Dr. Helen specializes in women’s health and always “tells it like it is,” representing a natural, healthy approach to the health issues involving menopause, hormones and multiple other subjects. 

She is a charter member of the HWW Health Staff to discuss timely health issues for both men and women coast to coast.  Dr. Pensanti has authored numerous books, including "Better Sex for You," while being an untiring missionary for honest and beneficial health care for every man and woman.  Dr. Helen Pensanti is a breath of fresh air bringing her direct and educational approach to the thousands who seek her advice on Healthy, Wealthy and Wise.

Dr. Pensanti joins Frank Jordan and other HWW Health Staff members in outstanding health talk symposiums, including more than 600 at the KRLA-Healthy, Wealthy and Wise Health Symposium in Los Angeles, California.   Dr. Pensanti is pictured at left with HWW Host Frank Jordan on the set of the HWW Television Show where she appeared as Frank's first guest on the nationally televised program! 

Medical Specialties

  • Nationally prominent MD previously Owner and Primary Physician at the largest Women's Clinic in Southern California

  • Internationally recognized Medical Expert, with emphasis on Women's Health

  • Women's Health Issue Expert, Including Hormone Management, Osteoporosis and Menopause

  • Author of multiple books available at including her most recent - "The 30 Day Solution: Osteoporosis"

Personal Appearances

Dr. Helen Pensanti appears frequently throughout the nation. For more information or to review her Catalog, contact 800-301-1982 or go to her website at .

Note:  The telephone number and website listed are the only bonafide Dr. Helen Pensanti' contact number and website according to Dr. Helen Pensanti MD.

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Better Sex For You

Outstanding Health Book by Dr. Pensanti for Men & Women


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